Training and Consultancy for the Workplace

Workplaces can be much improved when employers recognise both the business and ethical benefits of a diverse and engaged staff. The training EACH provided acknowledged the importance of this and helped employers create an environment where all staff were welcomed and supported.

As a result of our training individuals could perform to the best of their abilities and employers were equipped to meet their legal and moral responsibility. 

EACH was regularly invited to speak at conferences, training events and seminars including those convened by the Public Policy Exchange, Westminster Briefing, Criminal Justice System agencies, the Boarding Schools’ Association and Independent Schools’ Association.

As a result of EACH’s training: “Sexual orientation and gender identity matters” employees were more likely to:

  • Feel valued, engaged and enthusiastic
  • Commit extra time and effort beyond contracted hours
  • Have a better attendance record

Having inclusive protections and benefits are keystone practices to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Progressive workplace policies can improve recruitment and retention which is, of course, critical to the success and efficiency of an organisation, agency or company.

Training Sessions

Examples of the training and consultancy EACH offered:

  • It’s the Law – Learning about legislation regarding trans employees, the prejudice and discrimination they can face and how to challenge transphobic harassment 
  • Recruitment and Retention – What attracts gay or trans prospective employees to your organisation? What retains them? What makes them leave?

The two above much requested courses will propel your organisation to become a ‘best practice’ employer: welcoming, valuing and retaining your gay and trans employees (including individuals who transition gender whilst in your employment) and preventing HBT harassment before it happens

  • What’s in a Word? – Exploring the difference between sexual orientation (sexuality) and gender identity

This course gives your organisation’s employees the opportunity to revise their understanding of language and vocabulary appropriate to describe people’s sexual orientation or gender identity: inspiring confidence to talk openly about relevant workplace matters

  • In Our Own Image? – Assessing the part played by ‘unconscious bias’ in recruitment and day to day operations concerning lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans employees  

This course gives you the chance to assess how much our unconscious mind governs how we view others and how much this impacts on things like recruitment or decisions we take concerning staff or personnel.

  • Recognition and Respect – Understanding how to create an inclusive workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans employees: making your whole workforce feel recognised and valued

This course gives you ‘top tips’ for creating a welcoming, inclusive workplace where the spin offs positively impact upon everyone – looking at the direct and indirect benefits this brings the entire organisation, agency or company


“Many thanks once again for a fantastic training day. The feedback from the staff was very positive and complimentary. I would very much welcome the opportunity to work with your organisation again.”

Training Commissioning Officer, Berkshire

“The knowledge and passion of the facilitators was very evident and inspirational! Thank you for your time!”

Barnardo’s Training Conference Delegate



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