Criminal Justice System Training Courses

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg


CJS Training Sessions

Line of Duty – What are the respective rights and responsibilities of employer and employee when a member of staff wishes to gender transition at work? 

Recruitment and Retention – What attracts prospective gay, lesbian or trans employees to your Force or Service?  What retains them? What makes them leave?

Male Rape and Sexual Assault – Exploring the Crime. Exploding the Myths – Helping your Force improve build on its existing practice to increase the reporting and disposal of male rape and sexual assault cases

Homophobic, Biphobic or Transphobic Crime – Increasing its reporting and improving your ‘first response’ to it

Mind Your Language – Gender variant, non-binary, gender-fluid, pan-sexual, questioning or intersex. Is today’s lexicon of language confounding you? Feel more confident when talking professionally and socially to and about people whose sexual orientation or gender identity may differ from yours. Lead by example in challenging inaccurate or inappropriate language in your Force or Service.

These much-requested courses will propel your Force or Service to become a ‘best practice’ employer: welcoming, valuing and retaining your gay and trans employees and preventing homophobic, biphobic or transphobic harassment before it happens.

Training is tailored to be relevant to all grades, ranks or levels in your Criminal Justice organisation.

You may be a Training Commissioner, an HR or Service Manager, an Administrator or member of operational staff. It’s targeted at those who develop or implement policy allowing you or colleagues to transform this into practical strategy.

You will receive:

  • Dynamic, interactive training delivered by an experienced, qualified expert in the field
  • Bespoke sessions tailored to meet the needs of your unit, department, staff or team
  • Resources to address prejudice-based harassment in your workplace
  • Comprehensive, ongoing telephone and email support to help you troubleshoot workplace issues as they arise


Your training was a complete success and the feedback from the students was great. They said your session should be a ‘must’ for all CID courses. All the students said it was well presented, impactive, interesting , highly relevant to modern policing and to the students’ development as future detectives/SIOs.  Your pace, knowledge and experience assisted this learning and helped ensure the training was a success. The learning objectives were met in facilitative way, using various methods which encouraged the students to work and participate.

Investigative Training, Wiltshire Police

What next?

To speak to Jonathan about any of his Accredited Speaker CJS training sessions and to book one for your Force or Service call 0117 9467607. cpd-speaker-logo

For more information about CJS training or consultancy, email

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg